City finalizing lease agreements for soccer stadium

City finalizing lease agreements for soccer stadium

PAWTUCKET – The pandemic doesn’t seem to be slowing the progress of the $400 million soccer-centric redevelopment project along the city’s waterfront.

According to a May 15 letter from Director of Administration Dylan Zelazo to the City Council, the administration is seeking a property committee meeting with the council to review and discuss lease agreements the city is currently discussing with Brett Johnson and Fortuitous Partners.

“The city of Pawtucket will continue to move forward in our collaboration with Fortuitous on the Tidewater Landing project, which will transform Pawtucket’s riverfront and downtown,” he wrote.

He reiterated that this is a historic opportunity for the city and state.

Johnson and Fortuitous are planning a massive project on both sides of the river, but to this point are not including the Apex property in their designs as discussions on the purchase of that property continue.

Zelazo thanked the council for previously designating Fortuitous as the preferred developer and authorizing the city to execute lease agreements on the vacant 45 Division St. parcel and the city-owned portion of the Tidewater plant site across the river, where the soccer stadium will be located.

Also planned as part of this project are a hotel, event center, retail and residential components, as well as significant riverfront improvements including a pedestrian bridge across the Seekonk River.


Oh, McCoy, our Pawsox will soon depart,
Whom to blame, don't get me to start!
But alas, a future home for some pro soccer?
Will tarnish the legend of Jim Dorsey and Chico Walker!
And with a quick nod and a sly wink,
Government will tell us its on budget, they think...
Raimondo and Matiello, names end with an O,
Our wallets emptied, where did our money go?
But fear not, once the new complex is made whole,
They will seek to have us ALL pay the highway toll!
So until then, Rhode Island, stay up to the task,
Just don't get caught, not wearing a mask....

Other Mayors would still be crying about losing the Pawsox and blaming anything bad on their departure. Instead we have a Mayor that rolled up his sleeves and got to work, and the result is a development that far exceeds anything we could have hoped for with the Paw Sox. Sure, we'll miss them, but they chose to leave. thankfully we have a Mayor who's a fighter and fights for us every day. Thank You Mayor Grebien!