City issues citations to Salvation Army

City issues citations to Salvation Army

PAWTUCKET – Two weeks after Councilor Mark Wildenhain asked for greater enforcement against garbage dumping infractions at the closed Salvation Army store, the city has issued at least 20 violations to the Salvation Army.

Police Chief Tina Goncalves and Zoning Director Bill Vieira issued the 20 or so violations during last week alone, according to a joint release from Wildenhain and Mayor Donald Grebien.

“The administration and City Council have always prioritized quality of life for our residents, especially as it relates to illegal dumping throughout our city,” read the statement.

The Salvation Army has served as a charitable organization where people can donate their belongings, but the illegal dumping near the store is not acceptable, they said.

“I want to express my thanks, on behalf of my colleagues, to the chief and all Pawtucket Police officers for the ongoing efforts to deter and enforce illegal dumping,” said Wildenhain. “My neighbors in the second district have had to deal with this issue for far too long. I’ve heard too many stories of out-of-state vehicles dumping at this location. Enough is enough.”

With the Central Avenue location closing its doors, the council expressed a concern at its last meeting that many constituents have voiced that they want to ensure that it doesn’t become even more of a dumping ground. The city will be taking aggressive steps to alleviate this concern, said officials.

“I am grateful, as mayor of Pawtucket, for all the work that the Salvation Army does in this community,” said Grebien. “My primary concern is for the well-being of Pawtucket and its residents. While it’s always been difficult to balance the donations and the dumping, now, with the facility closed, anyone dropping something on that sidewalk is breaking the law and helping no one.”

The Police Department will be increasing enforcement in the area over the coming weeks. Officials are reminding residents that the Salvation Army store is closed and no longer accepting contributions, meaning everything dropped there is litter.

The city is asking everyone to do their part to keep the city clean. If anyone witnesses illegal dumping, they are encouraged to call the Police Department at 401-727-9100.