Slater Park reopens, but attractions remain closed

Slater Park reopens, but attractions remain closed

PAWTUCKET – As part of Slater Park’s reopening on May 9, Len’s Hot Dog and Seafood Haven is now open daily from noon to 6 p.m. Those visiting Len’s must adhere to all social distancing requirements.

The Watercolor Society at Slater Park won’t officially reopen until sometime in late June. Other attractions within the city’s landmark park remain closed for now, including The Looff Carousel, Daggett Farm, the Pawtucket Dog Park, playground, athletic courts and fields, according to officials.

“Getting back outside and enjoying the outdoors is good for everyone during these challenging times,” said Mayor Donald Grebien in a statement. “We will ensure that this is done in a safe manner for the community.”

The city’s main park off Newport Avenue and Armistice Boulevard is open for the public to enjoy while adhering to the guidelines of social distancing and wearing a mask, said officials.

The park had previously been closed to people driving in and parking, while walk-in traffic for passive recreation had been maintained.

“Let’s enjoy some fresh air while minimizing the risk of the spread of the coronavirus,” said Grebien this week.

Other parks have opened as well.

As for the reopening of other attractions in Slater Park, officials said they will continue to follow the guidance of the state.