Slaterettes cancel Senior, Women’s Divisions

Slaterettes cancel Senior, Women’s Divisions

Rado hopes ‘there may still be chance for some baseball this summer’

PAWTUCKET – Almost a month after pulling the plug on the 2020 seasons of its T-Ball, Instructional and Junior Divisions, the Pawtucket Slaterettes girls’ and women’s baseball league was forced to make another difficult decision because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a press release by the popular league’s front office last Friday afternoon, the Slaterettes announced the cancellation of the upcoming seasons of its Senior and Women’s Divisions. This decision came less than 24 hours after Gov. Gina Raimondo reported in a press conference that organized youth sports in the state were going to remain suspended.

“As we continue to follow local, state, and federal guidelines, safety remains our top priority,” said Bethanie Rado, the Slaterettes’ president. “The reality is that our inability to assure the safety and well-being for everyone involved unfortunately means that playing a Senior and Women’s season is simply not a viable option under our current conditions.”

Rado said that she “remains hopeful that there may still be the chance for some baseball this summer. The decision to suspend the season doesn’t rule out the possibility of holding practices, clinics, and interleague or competitive play for these divisions should the remaining weeks of the summer become safer for play.”

The league president also reported that all registered players (or the parent of a registered player) in the Senior or Women’s Divisions should contact the organization at to discuss their registration options.

As for the state of affairs with the city’s three Little Leagues, Darlington American, Fairlawn, and Pineview, they have yet to finalize their plans for a shortened regular season that would most likely begin in August. One District II organization, Barrington, announced last week that it was going to cancel its 2020 season.

The Boys & Girls Club’s RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities) Baseball League has also not made any decisions regarding its season.