Bubnys: Pearl Harbor then, COVID-19 now

Bubnys: Pearl Harbor then, COVID-19 now

Can history be repeated? Maybe somewhat. In 1942 we lived in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor. In 2020 we have the novel coronavirus.

Only our few remaining nonagenarians and centenarians personally experienced 1942 just after the Pearl Harbor attack. Could today’s feelings of shock, helplessness and panic caused by COVID-19 be similar?

Back then our grandparents kept the faith (both earthly and otherworldly), stayed the course and witnessed the fruits of success. In June, 1942, the Battle of Midway turned the tide of WWII in the Pacific in our favor and led to triumph by August, 1945. We Rhode Islanders still loyally celebrate Victory Day every August, this year being the 75th anniversary.

I suggest we emulate our predecessors’ endurance by keeping our level-headed wits about us and our daily prayers on our lips awaiting victory over the coronavirus. Just as the Battle of Midway helped turned that war in our favor, physical distancing, adequate medical support and an effective vaccine will eventually do it for this war.

Ed Bubnys