Next phase of Diamond Hill water main work begins

Next phase of Diamond Hill water main work begins

CUMBERLAND – Work on the next phase of Diamond Hill Road’s water line replacement, taking new pipes more than a mile from the post office at 2055 Diamond Hill Road to Garvin School at 1364 Diamond Hill Road, has begun.

The Town Council, at its May 8 meeting, approved a $2.28 million contract with Boyle and Fogarty for the water line replacement, as well as $142,900 to have Pare Corp. do inspections and administrative services on the project.

Water Supt. Chris Champi said the contract addresses some of the items that caused issues during phase one of the project between Nate Whipple Highway and Route 295 last year, including contingencies for flaggers if officials aren’t able to get enough police details and money to complete the aprons between driveways and the road.

“It should be pretty good,” he said.

Getting the project started now puts it on target for a November substantial completion, well in advance of the Rhode Island Department of Transportation’s target date of early summer of 2021 for scheduled repaving of the roadway, said Champi.

The council passed an ordinance last September increasing residents’ water infrastructure charge by 50 cents per thousand gallons of water used, to $1.92. That increase, going into effect July 1, will pay for the debt service on this project as well as water lines in two other small bridge projects, which will be put out for bid likely in August or early fall.

Drivers on Diamond Hill Road have been dealing with a series of major projects, including the installation of a pair of roundabouts and the realignment of Chapel Four Corners set to be completed this summer. Also planned in the near future are the replacement of the Route 295 overpass between the two roundabouts and the replacement of a small bridge on Diamond Hill near the intersection of Nate Whipple Highway.


I have a huge issue with money collected as part of our water bill being used for a bridge replacements. between sewer and water don't they think our utility bills are high enough? I think we should organize and protest against this rate hike! If they want to replace those bridges get a grant or find other source of funding!


Infrastructure charge only funds water main replacements on bridge projects

While you at it good time to install a sewer line next to the water line . Why tear the road up twice. My family has been in this town 98 years our turn. Sorry only wishful thinking.

Add conduit for electrical and communication while you're at it. Move the utilities underground.