Our mission: Making our communities stronger

Our mission: Making our communities stronger

As we officially turn this page to a new era at The Breeze, we want to highlight again our newly defined mission, one that’s been a focus since Tom Ward founded this paper nearly 25 years ago but is now the official focus of everything we do.

“Making our communities stronger by telling their stories” is a mission statement we began working on shortly after Tom sold the newspaper a year ago. We wanted to accurately convey what you, our readers and advertisers, should expect of us every week as we grow into the future.

Our commitment to you is to make your community stronger by sharing stories you don’t find anywhere else, diving into local issues and concerns that directly impact your quality of life. But just as important as uncovering questionable activities by public officials or dispelling misinformation, we understand that a stronger community needs to hear about the school sock collection effort or Scout project.

“Making our communities stronger by telling their stories” is a rallying cry for:

• You, our readers, who have trusted us and backed us as we’ve told the stories of your communities, as well as supported the businesses that partner with us;

• Our advertisers, who have made the commitment to their communities as they’ve built their own brands and customer bases;

• And members of our news and advertising staffs, who make their decisions based on how it helps our cities and towns.

During the past year under new ownership, it’s been clear to us that The Valley Breeze will maintain its commitment to quality local journalism, fueled by the good and hard work of committed staff members across departments.

Additionally, the contributions many of you have made during the early weeks of our online fundraising effort have encouraged us tremendously. We’re so grateful for the support you’ve shown us in so many ways over the years, and look forward to serving you long into the future.

- Shorey has been the editor of The Valley Breeze for the past three years, after spending 11 years in other roles. Quinn is founding co-owner and deputy publisher of the company he helped start in 1996.