Transportation exhaust emissions are part of the problem

Transportation exhaust emissions are part of the problem

We are living in a time where, what we have been doing for the last 100 years or so is really catching up with us. We think that this virus, or any of the other respiratory viruses, diseases, illnesses, etc., of the last many years are problems. I would like to suggest, to you, that these are not the problems at all, but symptoms of a much bigger problem.

The real problem is transportation exhaust emissions, with a major portion of those emissions coming from PEM mobiles. PEM is my acronym for Poison Emitting Machines, which are any machines/engines powered by anything related to oil, i.e. gasoline, diesel fuel, etc. Absolute poison.

The fact that this virus, or any of the other lower respiratory viruses, diseases, and illnesses seem to affect older people, is simply because they have been breathing these toxins, and poisons that much longer than younger people, thereby compromising their lung effectiveness even more.

Please notice the aerial views that have been shown on some of the news stations, of several areas around the world, where just a few months ago, the air there was all hazy, and full of toxins, and other pollution, and now those same aerial views showing perfectly clear air. Ozone alerts that happen in the warmer weather are simply the result of transportation exhaust emissions.

Many claim that it is an inconvenience to own an electric car – because it takes longer to charge, etc. than to fill up at the nearest gas station. Tell me, do you feel inconvenienced now? Just a thought.

Manny Loureiro Jr.