Police investigating Mahoney for DPW trash drop

Police investigating Mahoney for DPW trash drop

SCITUATE – Police say they’re investigating after Town Council President John Mahoney allegedly broke into a garbage dumpster at the Scituate Department of Public Works to throw out his trash, according to Police Chief Donald Delaere.

Delaere said the allegations are being investigated by officers, who responded to a call last Saturday, May 16.

Mahoney this week said the allegations are politically driven and an attempt to stain his character. He said the town’s disposal service, Rambone Disposal, is not picking up the trash at his home on Tunk Hill Road during weekly pickups.

The chief said he could not comment further on the investigation.

The department is interviewing witnesses and potential suspects, including Mahoney, he said. He said officers on the scene did an excellent job investigating, and Detective Sgt. Matthew King is leading on the matter.

Public Works Director Kirk Loiselle confirmed the joint investigation with SPD.

“I’m busy chasing turkeys,” he said. Loiselle is the temporary DPW director following the December retirement of former Director Richard Tucker, who was appointed during Mahoney’s time on the council.

Loiselle said he could not comment more on the issue.

According to Richard Finnegan, a Mahoney ally, Mahoney was only dumping yard waste into the dumpster at the DPW.

Finnegan said Mahoney has dumped trash into the DPW dumpsters for years, and they are open to all Scituate residents.

The Scituate DPW accepts yard waste, landscape material less than two inches in diameter, electronics, waste oil, mattresses and box springs on Saturdays from 7:30 a.m. to noon.

Town Councilor Chuck Collins said Mahoney had already been warned to stop dumping at the site.


Former Town Council President John Mahoney is a local developer of homes and excavation contractor. Construction debris from Mahoney’s contracting business should be dumped at the State landfill at John Mahoney’s expense.

The taxpayers of Scituate should not be paying for the disposal fee’s of John Mahoney’s contracting business.