Jones declares run for town administrator

Jones declares run for town administrator

NORTH SMITHFIELD – Paul Jones, a town resident and senior care professional who has served on the School Committee since 2016, announced this week he intends to run for town administrator.

The announcement makes him the first to publicly declare his candidacy for the town’s top elected position. Town Administrator Gary Ezovski, who has served in the position for two terms, has stated he does not intend to run again in 2020.

Jones is the owner of The Care Concierge of New England, a senior care placement and referral company serving Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. In 2016, following an unsuccessful bid for Town Council, he was appointed to a two-year term on the School Committee. In 2018, he was successful in running for an elected position on the same committee.

He also serves on the Board of Trustees of the North Smithfield Public Library.

Jones told The Valley Breeze he had originally hoped Ezovski would run for a third term but, upon learning that was not the case, decided to make his own bid for administrator. He praised Ezovski’s leadership over the past four years and said he hopes to continue a legacy of togetherness and community.

“As a younger person who is in the process of starting a young family, the point is that we moved to North Smithfield because of the type of community that this is,” he said.

“As my family is growing and expanding, I want to do everything in my power to continue how great this community has been run.”

In a campaign announcement, Jones outlined several priorities, including improving schools, strategic business development, increasing services for seniors, preserving green space and creating a community center at the former Halliwell School.

While he said he supports thorough policy vetting for housing and solar developments, he also supports expanding the town’s commercial tax base to ease the tax burden on seniors and hopes to encourage small businesses and other development in places already zoned for business.

“I think it’s important as we’re considering these proposals for our town that, once implemented, you really can’t walk back from, (that) we need to consider all angles to make sure it’s the best for our town,” he said.

With COVID-19 still disrupting in-person gatherings, Jones said he expects the early part of his campaign to be conducted primarily online.

The candidate said he hopes the easing of restrictions will allow him to go door-to-door later on during the campaign season.


Mr Jones lacks the experience and knowledge to run the town.

This is not the guy for North Smithfield. He has zero experience and he's a bleeding heart liberal that will destroy this town if elected. Do your homework before casting your vote.

Having reviewed Paul’s qualifications on LinkedIn, I find that he is more than qualified to serve in this capacity and to direct the town as it moves forward. I am unsure as to which other candidates will emerge, but I am hopeful that some will. I would encourage all who consider it to apply, but would encourage residents to actually vote the best person in, rather than have it become a popularity contest.