Mirror Image offers ‘Here for Good’ line to stay open, help other businesses

Mirror Image offers ‘Here for Good’ line to stay open, help other businesses

PAWTUCKET – Rick Roth’s plan gets his company some work during a tough time while also benefiting other small businesses. Those businesses, say Roth, include artists, musicians and bands with a Rhode Island connection that have been impacted by the pandemic.

Roth, of Mirror Image at 190 Exchange St., has launched hereforgoodRI.com . The “basic deal is people buy a shirt, bandana, hat or masks, we get work and a business in Rhode Island gets $10 on each and every purchase,” he says.

The owner of the screen-printing business near Tolman High School has done millions of shirts over the years, and has been particularly busy after New England’s championship runs, but the COVID-19 pandemic has put a serious dent in all that.

The Here for Good RI online store keeps Mirror Image going, he said, while also helping others during this difficult time.

Businesses are invited to sign up at forms.gle/crYsUv5fRvZ1fyLB9 . After they sign up, they will be added to the site and can begin telling their clients, customers, family, friends, and fans to start purchasing. They can choose to get paid bi-weekly by Paypal or by check for money raised for their business. There’s no cost or commitment to join, according to Roth.

Visitors to the site, when purchasing a shirt, hat or other item with the “Here for Good Rhode Island” slogan, can pick their size and then pick a business to support.

Roth told The Breeze the Rhode Island website hasn’t picked up much steam in its first few days after launch, perhaps because some people think it sounds too good to be true, but he emphasized that there’s no catch.

The owner of a Missouri company called tinylittlemonster.com invented the idea and gave it to the world, he said.

Roth is also running HereforGoodMass.com to help struggling Massachusetts businesses and HereforGoodFarms.com , a national platform to help farmers. His family previously ran a dairy farm in eastern Connecticut, he said, and two of his children are farmers.

“It’s in our blood,” he said.

Because he has some connections in the field, he said, the farm site is doing pretty well so far.

Items on HereforGoodRI.com are generally $20 or $25. If Roth ends up selling “a gazillion” items, he said, he’ll certainly give more.

Like many companies specializing in printing on clothing, he said, orders at his 20-year Pawtucket business have dried up substantially. He’s branched out into all kinds of new areas, learning more than he ever wanted to know about printing masks. Mirror Image printed one high-selling mask, a mask drawing attention to immigrant rights, for liberal website Majority Report.

Knowing how badly the local music scene has been hurt, said Roth, he’s also thinking about starting a website specifically to help those in the music industry.