Student makes ‘ear savers’ for Landmark Medical workers

Student makes ‘ear savers’ for Landmark Medical workers

Ryan Golditch, front, a 4th-grader at Oak Lawn Elementary School in Cranston, visited Landmark Medical Center on Monday to present staff members with several bags of “ear savers” and other devices he made at home to help make mask-wearing more comfortable for medical workers. (Breeze photo by Lauren Clem)

WOONSOCKET – Health care workers at Landmark Medical Center received a special donation of personal protective equipment on Monday.

Ryan Golditch, a 4th-grader at Oak Lawn Elementary School in Cranston, visited the hospital to present several bags of mask-wearing aids he made at home on his 3D printer. Each bag contained a mask hook, an N95 hook and an “ear saver,” all designed to hold elastics away from the ears and make masks more comfortable for health workers who have to wear them for eight or more hours each day.

Golditch said he got the idea to make the devices after realizing how uncomfortable his own mask was.

“When I got my mask, the ear elastics were not comfortable on it and I had to wear it whenever I went out,” he said.

He reached out to Dr. James McDonald, medical director for the Rhode Island Department of Health, who, along with the Healthcare Coalition of Rhode Island, helped coordinate a donation to Hasbro Children’s Hospital. After that first donation, said Golditch, he wanted to make more and decided to make a second batch for workers at Landmark.

“They’re all working and helping us all stay safe while we all get to stay home,” he explained.

Golditch said he spent about 18 hours making the devices for Landmark workers. When he grows up, he said, he wants to continue his work with technology as an artificial intelligence engineer.

Landmark staff members met Golditch and his mom, Lynda, outside the hospital on Monday to accept the donation. Staff members thanked him and offered to give him a tour of Landmark once COVID-19 is no longer a concern.