Vitali defending at-large seat

Vitali defending at-large seat

PAWTUCKET – Albert Vitali, Jr., incumbent at-large member of the City Council, is announcing his 2020 campaign. The six-term councilman is a lifelong resident and businessman, and he noted that his real estate company has served the city for more than 60 years.

Vitali said he is looking forward to continuing to serve the city’s multicultural and diverse constituency into the future. He said he has indicated that he will continue to work both independently and in tandem with the current administration and fellow councilors to strengthen Pawtucket’s economy, make the city an accommodating business destination, and most importantly, make the city a truly special place to live and raise a family.

He said he is eager to continue his work with the Pawtucket School Committee, School Department, and its educators to ensure students are provided with a nourishing and safe environment to learn. He said he hopes to guide the city toward state-of-the-art learning facilities to allow students to achieve academic excellence.

Vitali said he is focused on working toward innovative ways to keep taxes affordable and providing the necessary services for his constituency. By attracting outside investors to the city, he said he hopes to strengthen the tax base and grow the city’s business sector.

“I take my role on the Pawtucket City Council very seriously. I will continue to provide proper oversight of the administration and always put the needs of the city’s residents first,” he said.