Pichette running for re-election

Pichette running for re-election

LINCOLN – District 5 Town Councilor Ken Pichette has announced that he is seeking re-election this year.

Pichette said he is proud of the accomplishments that the Town Council has made during his previous terms and that he “would be grateful for the opportunity to keep the momentum moving forward.”

During his tenure, Pichette said residents have seen parks renovated, police and rescue vehicles replaced, streets and sidewalks repaved, open space procured and tax rates stabilized.

“We have funded the maintenance of all our school buildings and worked diligently to keep our high school project on pace. As the chairman of the Purchasing Committee, we have been able to lower the costs of many items in the project. This has saved the project hundreds of thousands of dollars so far,” he said.

He added that the coming Lincoln Youth Soccer program will be “excited to see major improvements to Manville Park.”

Pichette said some of his “most enjoyable moments” have been interacting with the community and taking calls requesting help to resolve various issues.

“There is no better satisfaction than seeing the town departments step up and help in this regard,” he said. “We have so many great people working at Town Hall and the Police Department, who work hard to make things happen for our residents. It’s a great feeling to know I helped someone in a small but meaningful way.”

“I’m hoping I can continue to serve the residents of District 5 for another term,” he said. “I’m proud of my town and would love to be part of keeping Lincoln a desirable place to raise families, run businesses and enjoying a quiet and comfortable life with everything Lincoln has to offer.”