UPDATED: Lyle goes independent for 2020 race

UPDATED: Lyle goes independent for 2020 race

LINCOLN – Rep. Jack Lyle called The Breeze on his way to Lincoln Town Hall this week to declare his candidacy for re-election to District 46, but Lyle, who has faced intense criticism for rarely voting along Republican lines, said he will appear on the ballot as an independent this year.

Lyle said he felt like Ronald Reagan, who famously stated, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the party left me.”

John Cullen, who ran against then-Republican Lyle last election as an independent, announced that he will be running on the Republican ticket for Lyle’s seat.

Cullen has promised to be a more conservative candidate, citing Lyle’s “radical progressive voting record” and calling him “more in-sync with Democrats than with the Republican caucus.”

Lyle said he is proud of his record on environmental issues, women’s rights and others.

“I’ve been trying to build bridges over the last two years on both sides of the aisle,” Lyle said. “I feel that I can better continue working with everyone as an independent.”

Sen. Thomas Paolino told The Breeze he will run for re-election in District 17. On Tuesday, Democrat John D. Barr pulled papers to run against him.

Locally, Republican Frank Salvatore Spezzano Jr. declared his candidacy for Town Council District 3, currently represented by Council President Keith Macksoud, who is running for re-election.

Steven Carvalho declared candidacy for District 2 School Committee, held currently by John Picozzi, who is running at-large.

Lincoln Town Administrator Joseph Almond, who was re-elected for a four-year term in 2018, is not up for re-election.

Candidates had until 4 p.m. on Wednesday to declare their intent to run, with primary day set for Sept. 8.

UPDATED: The following people have pulled papers declaring their candidacy in Lincoln. Asterisks denote incumbents:

Town Council

Arthur S. Russo - I* District 1
Bruce J. Ogni - I* District 2
Keith E. Macksoud - I* District 3
Frank Salvatore Spezzano - R District 3
Dean L. Lees Jr. - D District 3
Pamela M. Azar - D* District 4
Robert K. Leahy Jr. - R District 4
Kenneth G. Pichette - *R District 5

Non-partisan School Committee

Joseph B. Goho* - At-Large
John Picozzi* - At-Large
Mary Anne H. Roll* - District 4
Steven Carvalho - District 2

Water Commissioner

Julie A. LaBreche - I District 4
Eric F. Fox - D District 2

Senate District 17

Thomas J. Paolino - R*
John Douglas Barr II - D

Senate District 19

Ryan W. Pearson - D*

Representative District 44

Gregory Costantino - D*

Representative District 45

Mia A. Ackerman - D*

District 46

John W. Lyle Jr. - I*
John J. Cullen - R
Mary Ann Shallcross-Smith - D