Seasons Corner Market approved on Hartford Pike

Seasons Corner Market approved on Hartford Pike

SCITUATE – Seasons Corner Market owner Andrew Delli Carpini continues expanding his businesses throughout northern Rhode Island as Scituate’s Planning Commission has approved a 10-pump gas station and convenience store on Hartford Pike.

Though Delli Carpini said his stores are well-kept, respectable businesses, and will provide a much-needed service in town, not everyone involved was happy.

Abutter Donald Bergeron, of 5 Ridgewood Drive, said during a meeting last Thursday that he and his wife are “absolutely heartbroken” about the development. Bergeron expressed his concerns during the master plan approval process in 2018.

He apologized for his angry behavior in the past, but said the arborvitae shrub buffer and sand filter septic screen is upsetting to him and his family. Bergeron said he hopes the property will have more buffering, adding that the “experimental” sand filter puts his well water at risk.

“I drink this water. We wash our clothes here. My grandson drinks this water. This will be right next to my well,” he said.

Delli Carpini said his design took Bergeron’s concerns in mind and moved the building and septic system as far from abutters as possible. He said the speaker for the drive-thru does not project sound more than 20 feet, and will remain as minimally intrusive as possible.

The pair agreed to do water quality tests on Bergeron’s well before construction and one year after completion to ensure no damage was done to his property.

Bergeron agreed, and said it’s “the best that can happen, right?”

“We went above and beyond,” Delli Carpini said.

The commission approved the gas station and convenience store at 54 Hartford Pike. Construction will require grading the sloped site to a flat surface, which will call for loose stone slopes surrounding the site.

The Planning Commission denied a request from developer Colbea Enterprises to hold an administrative hearing with Town Planner Joseph Casali for final plan approval.

Preliminary plan approval was unanimously granted under the following conditions:

• Fuel tank vents will be shifted to the left away from abutters as much as possible.

• No staging or construction vehicles will be allowed to work on any roadways.

• Plans will be revised to include well abandonment standards for an existing well.

• Department of Health permit results, including well water potability and yield, will be reported to the town before issuance of a building permit.

• A RIDOH well installation permit will be provided to the town before a certificate of occupancy is issued.

• The developers will review plans for alternate landscape options within the stone slopes to soften the hard appearance.

• Water quality testing will happen at the abutter’s well with permission.

Attorney Beth Noonan, who represented the developers, said the conditions were acceptable. She said the site, across from Tasca Field, did not need any zoning relief other than signage, and it met Department of Environmental Management standards.

The site will feature a 5,000-square-foot Seasons Corner Market convenience store with a drive-thru coffee shop and five fueling stations for a total of 10 pumps. The store will remain open 24 hours. Traffic engineers have predicted few delays caused by customers.


While I don't personally care much if it gets built "much-needed service" is kinda a stretch.

There's already a gas station in town and no less than three more within a minute or two drive from the proposed location (including one with 10 pumps and a convenience store). The Brigado's IGA is just across the street so it's not the food that's much-needed, and there's a Dunkin just over the line in Johnston just the same as the gas station so it's not the coffee either. Not sure how much business this will actually see given all that.

Another blunder by the Scituate Planning Board. This couldn’t be in a worse location. My sincere condolences to the Bergeron family. Can this portion of Scituate get any uglier or disorganized?