Four in the running for town administrator, 12 for Town Council

Four in the running for town administrator, 12 for Town Council

This story has been updated to reflect candidates who declared Wednesday afternoon.

NORTH SMITHFIELD – Voters appear to be in for a competitive election season this fall after both veteran and newcomer candidates declared their plans to seek office this week.

Four candidates have filed their paperwork to run for town administrator. Paul Zwolenski, current vice president of the Town Council, and Douglas Osier Jr., who is finishing up his first term on the council, both plan to run for the position. Paul Jones, a current member of the School Committee, and Jason Allard, a first-time candidate for elected office, also filed paperwork with the town clerk’s office this week. Town Administrator Gary Ezovski does not plan to seek another term.

Candidates had from Monday at 8 a.m. until Wednesday at 4 p.m. to file their candidacy paperwork with the town clerk’s office.

In the Town Council race, three incumbents, Council President Paul Vadenais, Councilor Claire O’Hara and Councilor Teresa Bartomioli, have declared their candidacy. John Beauregard, a former Town Council president who lost his seat in the 2018 election, also plans to run, as does Megan Staples, a Planning Board member who launched an unsuccessful write-in campaign for Town Council in 2018. Kimberly Alves, another former town councilor, is also seeking to regain her seat.

The race also drew several new candidates, including Christopher Simpkins, Stephen Corriveau, Christopher Chamberland, Ana Parsons, Claudinne Finnegan and Cheryl Marandola. With the exception of Corriveau, who serves on the Economic Development Commission, and Marandola, who serves on the Parks and Recreation Commission, most of them appear to be new to town politics.

In the School Committee race, all three candidates whose terms expire this fall, including Chairman James Lombardi, Vice Chairwoman Jean Meo and Secretary Margaret Votta, have declared their candidacy for re-election. The remaining elected committee members have terms that will expire in 2022.

In the General Assembly seats, all three state senators representing parts of North Smithfield, including Jessica de la Cruz (Republican, District 23), Melissa Murray (Democrat, District 24) and Thomas Paolino (Republican, District 17), have declared their candidacy for re-election. In District 23, de la Cruz will face a challenge from Democrat Paul Roselli, a Burrillville resident and environmental activist who ran for office in 2018 but lost in the Democratic primary.

Rep. Brian Newberry (Republican, District 48) has also declared his candidacy for re-election to the House of Representatives.


Since the current administration has increased taxes and spending with no progress to show for the increase I think it is time for some new faces and ideas. When a sports team has a losing season they rebuild the team.

I was very suprised to see a particular name listed as running again for town council after he brought great shame and drew national attention to our town. Do we really want to go down that path again. Mr. Beauregard, Ms. O’Hara and M. Zwolenski. All were at the bottom of our votes cast in 2018. Mr, beauregard was dead last and Ms. O'Hara and Mr. Zwolenski were able to be re-elected only due to a lack of additional candidates. 6 candidates for 5 seats. This year we have an abundant number of candidates to choose from. Ask your self do we really want to re-elect people who made this town a national mockery or do we want brand new fresh faces with fresh attitudes, ideas and energy. I for one will be looking for those who listen to others, puts the peoples interest first I will not be voting for those who put thier own interests first such as the disastrous nike vote.

I will be looking to vote for those who will make decisions to benefit the majority and not pass items that effect the mjority to quiet a minority. Such as the timed one way on old smithfield rd.

I will be looking to vote for those who want a transparent government. Believes that they are elected to serve the people and will be the voice of the people. I will be voting for transparency, clarity and change. I want to see those in charge not only be held accountable but also hold them selves accountable for the different budgets and that it is the money of the people and not thier own money or treat it as play money. I will vote for those who will articulate why they feel or take a certain position. I will be voting for those who truly want to clean up the messes of administration and councils past. I could be wrong. These are my opinions and I stand by my opinion. Challenge those that want to be leaders. Make sure they know we are watching we are listening and we will be voting this movember.

Lastly if you firgot or you are new i
n town the nike vote links are down below.... i could not find the link to the breeze article so I used the projo article.

SHUT UP ABOUT THE NIKES! I actually stopped wearing them.

After reading this weeks Valley Breeze, it’s nice to see that we, the people will have the opportunity to vote as well as elect new council members so that we can get rid of those who keep raising out taxes.

Just remember … this change has to start from the “TOP”! We need to make a clean sweep so that we can take out Town back. Those who are in office now thinks that the only way to correct the problems of this Town is to continue to raise taxes.

The current members on the Town Council needs to be taught a lesson once and for all! Each and every resident of this Town needs to start asking ourselves this once question: What has anyone of the seated Town Council members done for you as a tax payer other than agree to raise your taxes!

Let’s face it … we now have the chance to take our Town back and stand our ground. If we allow those currently holding public office to get re-elected to one job or another, we will continue to have the same problems and our taxes will continue to increase.

We need change and now is the time. Let’s face it, how much worse can the new candidates be? Let’s give them a chance and if they mess up … well we can vote for new candidates next year.

Just remember the past disgraces that our town had to face … the Nike fiasco, the chocolate covered strawberries the use of Town vehicles and Town gas to go on vacation to Virginia and the Old Smithfield Road show down!. Come on now … enough is enough!

Smarten up residents … make it a clean sweep!

I stopped wearing Nikes as well. PC ,cancel culture needs to be destroyed!