Simpkins to run for Town Council

Simpkins to run for Town Council

NORTH SMITHFIELD – Christopher Simpkins, a resident of Mattity Road, declared his candidacy this week for North Smithfield Town Council.

Simpkins, a political newcomer, said in a press release he hopes to bring a fresh perspective to the council on issues like solar development, community spaces, education and public safety.

“I’m running to represent the average person who hasn’t spent years entrenched in local politics,” he said. “People are frustrated by what they see and they often feel shut out of the process. I want to encourage more open dialogue, not only for the voters but among the various boards in town. We need more transparent, collaborative, and proactive discussions about issues.”

This will be his first time running for local office. Simpkins, a software developer, moved to North Smithfield in 2015 along with his wife, Deirdre, and two sons. He is a leader with Cub Scout Pack 7 Slatersville, a baseball coach and a volunteer at several nearby theaters.

Simpkins said he’s been disappointed by a number of recent decisions and is disturbed by the way voices have been shut down or made to feel unwelcome.

“Our town is full of passionate volunteers and residents at all levels. These are people dedicating their time and energy to making our town a better place. Even when we don’t agree, we need to welcome these voices and listen, respectfully, and consider what they’re saying,” he said.

“This is new to me. I’m not one for putting myself out there, but we need new people to step up - and I’m willing to do that,” he added. “I don’t have all the answers, but I promise that I’ll work hard in good faith to do what’s right.”