Ferri: Proudly display the American flag July 4 and year round

Ferri: Proudly display the American flag July 4 and year round

The Fourth of July ushered in the beginning of this great nation, America. It is perhaps the most important date of the calendar year.

Our flag is America’s most important symbol. It stands for so many wonderful things that make living here a blessing. The American flag should be proudly displayed, not only on the Fourth of July, but throughout the year.

What a beautiful sight it would be if every day, on every house throughout our country, the red, white and blue colors of a nation envisioned by our founding fathers, would gently wave in the breezes of freedom.

Let us give those founding fathers thanks, not only on the 4th, but always, for the courage it took to write and fight for the Declaration of Independence. And for creating a masterful and timeless document called the Constitution.

Also, be thankful for the many who have since made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that this Constitution be upheld and America always remain free.

In closing, proudly display the American flag this coming Fourth of July and throughout the year(s).

P.S. Should you need to purchase a new American flag, look for the label “Made In America.”

God Bless America!

Bob Ferri

Central Falls