Resident petitions for safe opening of town pool

Resident petitions for safe opening of town pool

As the state works to safely reopen services, business and recreational facilities, I was looking forward to the eventual reopening of the town pool. I am a longtime town resident and pool user.

It was with a great deal of concern that I read the article in The Breeze suggesting that you (Mayor Lombardi) finally found your excuse for closing the pool. As a result, I have started a petition for the safe opening of the North Providence pool for the following reasons:

1. Teaching our children to swim prevents drowning.

2. Providing exercise classes and adult swim time for seniors prevents falls and other injuries common among the aging population.

3. Providing family swim time promotes family life.

4. Sponsoring swim teams encourages youth to engage in pro-social behavior and teamwork and prevents adolescent risk behavior.

Not all town activities can be measured by the “bottom line.” The intrinsic value and the health and safety of the town’s citizens is important; consider what we pay for police and fire. They are expensive services, but we need them. We need the pool too. Don’t short change our children, seniors and families. Some decisions are viewed as penny wise and dollar foolish.

Looking forward to a positive response.

Lucille Minuto

North Providence