All police should not be judged on the actions of some

All police should not be judged on the actions of some

We stand firmly on the side of our law enforcement officers and department, the thin blue line between civilized society and anarchy.

Police do not make laws, those are made by common consent through our elected representatives. Those laws mean nothing if not enforced.

It can be, and often is, a thankless, dangerous job. It is also the very definition of public service. That a tiny fraction of police officers act in bad faith is unfortunate, and those officers need to be removed from duty and prosecuted as necessary.

However, if that’s the standard, that the bad actions of a tiny few requires the entire law enforcement community to plead guilty and be overhauled, then let that be the standard across the board, and let’s examine politicians next.

Otherwise, let the police continue to keep our neighborhoods and streets safe in the professional manner we have thankfully become accustomed.

Frank Spezzano,

Michael O’Connell,

Lois Moore,

Adri Kalisvaart

Lincoln residents