New trash bins now being distributed

New trash bins now being distributed

PAWTUCKET – The city is now distributing new trash bins to residents in advance of the start of automated trash collection, set to begin Aug. 11.

Carts are being distributed based on residents’ day of collection. There are five routes, and the estimated completion of the distribution is six weeks from the start of July.

All carts will be delivered with an informational hanger to provide residents with details of the program and contact information if they have any questions, according to Public Works Director Eric Earls.

The new black trash bins through waste service provider MTG Disposal, one per household, will have a 65-gallon capacity, significantly smaller than the 95-gallon capacity of the blue recycling bins already in use.

In nearby Cumberland, which has the same color scheme, the trash barrel has a 95-gallon capacity and the recycling tote has a 65-gallon capacity.

Pawtucket is one of the last communities in Rhode Island to be going to an automated trash collection program.

There will be one cart per unit up to six units in a building. Those with more than six units will not be eligible for the program. Smaller carts (35-gallon) or larger ones (95-gallon) will also be available on request and approval by the DPW. A resident may also purchase an extra 65-gallon tote for $60 from the DPW.

The city is doing away with its current program allowing them to put multiple store-bought barrels curbside. A typical hardware store barrel is about 32 gallons.

According to city officials, the new program will not allow use of other barrels besides the official city ones. The program will reduce costs on disposal and on the homeowner to supply their own trash bins. The heavy-duty covered carts will also decrease the amount of loose trash flying around local neighborhoods and help reduce access to rodents and other animals. Also, having clearly designated trash and recycling carts will reduce contamination in recycling, which leads to regular discarded recycling loads and higher costs.

Also among the benefits of this new automated program, where a truck arm will be used to lift bins automatically, is that the wheeled carts tend to be easier for residents to pull to the curb and back.

Under the new program, existing barrels can be used for yard waste. MTG will also be offering residents the chance to dispose of current barrels at recycling events across the city.

Bulky waste will be collected every Thursday by appointment.

The new barrels are included in a new five-year contract with an additional five-year term if agreed upon, in writing, by the parties. The cost for the bins will be partially offset through the negotiated contract provisions including interest-free acquisition.