Pawtucket Fire Department adds additional engine

Pawtucket Fire Department adds additional engine

PAWTUCKET – The city of Pawtucket and the Pawtucket Fire Department have announced that the sixth engine, Engine 3, is in service. The department will now operate four rescues, six engines, and two ladders throughout the city.

“Public safety for our residents is a top priority, especially as Pawtucket and the Blackstone Valley have been without a hospital, emergency room, or necessary associated services for well over two years,” said Mayor Donald Grebien. “The addition of the sixth engine and the rescue will allow the brave men and women of the Fire Department to serve our community, including throughout the rise of the coronavirus pandemic this year.”

“We thank the Fire Union Leadership for working with the city in the best interest of our community. Our main priorities continue to be the safety of our residents, maintaining effective response times, and the health and safety of our firefighters,” said Acting Public Safety Director Chief Tina Goncalves.

“The addition of the fourth rescue was truly needed as 80 percent of the calls the department receives continue to be for EMS,” said Fire Chief Bill Sisson. “Having the sixth engine back in service allows us to continue to ensure that our residents receive the highest quality public safety services.”

Working together, the city and Fire Union worked out an agreement for four rescues, six engines, and two ladders. A new contract also began on July 1 and runs through June 30, 2023.