Dr. Farina cited for multiple violations

Dr. Farina cited for multiple violations

Avenue Grille reopens after failed inspections

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Anthony Farina Jr., the doctor who previously tangled with Mayor Charles Lombardi over the demolition of his former eyesore building, was in trouble with the state last week after failing to following pandemic protocols at his medical offices next door.

After a lengthy legal fight with the town, Farina eventually had his former dilapidated building and declared public health hazard at the corner of Mineral Spring Avenue and Smithfield Road torn down in late 2018, but not before he commissioned a caricature painting of Lombardi seated as a king on a toilet.

During a July 16 inspection, a state task force inspector cited the Medical Office of Dr. Anthony Farina Jr., 1830 Mineral Spring Ave., after finding staff violating multiple basic protocols on wearing masks, social distancing, or keeping logs of required cleaning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The inspector filed six violations and immediately ordered the office closed until all six are properly addressed. The state on Tuesday announced the lifting of the order against Farina and allowed him to reopen after doing a subsequent inspection and finding his business to be in compliance.

According to a report on the visit, it was apparent that the doctor and his staff weren’t aware of rules and regulations for safe operation. One employee wasn’t wearing a mask at all, and three employees were wearing masks improperly. Once they realized the inspector was from the R.I. Department of Health, they all fixed their masks.

The doctor also didn’t have a written plan for safe operation, as required, and though cleaning appeared to be taking place, there were no logs tracking that the cleaning was happening.

In another violation, the inspector found that the staff hadn’t properly screened several patients who were waiting in line.

The doctor also failed to place posters near the entrance educating patients about health protocols.

Lastly, in addition to a lack of masks despite staff being unable to maintain distancing, the waiting room was still set up to accommodate the maximum number of people, failing to ensure distancing of patients. Visitors to the facility were found to be sitting side by side.

Failure to comply with the order from the Department of Health may result in civil penalties and other actions available under the law.

Also last week, the Avenue Grille at 2223 Mineral Spring Ave. reopened after owner Kevin Carbone said various safety measures were put in place. A state inspector had found that the restaurant wasn’t following any regulations related to COVID-19.

According to a state report, Carbone and his staff were intentionally not following regulations and he told an inspector that he believed the pandemic was a hoax and that people who died were going to die anyway.

A follow-up visit to an initial one on June 29 found that the owner still wasn’t following restrictions and he was ordered shut down. The Department of Health allowed the diner to reopen after Carbone was able to show that he was following restrictions.


Dr Farina has not cared about anything in this town but himself and his pocket. He had no concern for the neighbors surrounding his Mineral Ave buildings. He refused to take down the eyesore of a condemned building unless the town gave him a tax break. Several years ago he opened an office at the corner of Smith and Capitol View Aves. At the time he and his sister the office manger went door to door of the residents on Capitol View and told they were opening a small medical office and asked if they would be ok with some no parking signs to be remove as they had a very small parking lot. Once he got what he wanted he went to the zoning board and applied for a permit to add a second floor. It was approved until all the neighbors hired a lawyer who had the zoning permit overturned. The doctor ran his practice out of the building with patients waiting for hours because of the limited number of examine rooms. Parking was a nightmare and the residents of the street lived in turmoil. That building today sits vacant for the past 10 years. He just cares for himself.