Farina back in compliance

Farina back in compliance

NORTH PROVIDENCE – The Medical Office of Anthony Farina Jr., MD, was deemed to be back in compliance with state health requirements last week and allowed to reopen.

A Rhode Island Department of Health order issued July 21 stated that an immediate compliance order related to violations of a healthy environment had been lifted after a follow-up inspection on July 20 found that the doctor had satisfied its terms and conditions.

“As such, respondent may resume business activities forthwith,” it stated.

The Breeze reported last week that Farina’s office at 1830 Mineral Spring Ave. had been shut down after a state inspection found six violations of state executive orders and Department of Health regulations, including on wearing masks, social distancing of patients, and keeping logs of required cleaning during the COVID-19 pandemic, among others.

Dr. Farina has had a history of bucking authority, fighting with the town for years against orders to demolish a dilapidated structure next to his doctor’s office at the corner of Smithfield Road, eventually tearing it down but not before having a caricature of Mayor Charles Lombardi depicted as a king sitting on a toilet painted on the side of it.