More work needed on planned Village Gas expansion

More work needed on planned Village Gas expansion

The owner of The Village Gas, on the corner of Routes 6 and 116, hopes to demolish the building next door to create more parking spaces and another set of pumps. (Breeze photo by Jacquelyn Moorehead)

SCITUATE – Soon after Zeshan Abid purchased Village Gas in 2018 for $280,000, he renovated the gas station to a fully stocked convenience store and put up a sign promising the lowest gas prices in the state.

It’s not only the snacks and beverages that draw lines of cars, sometimes backing into the street, to the convenience store and gas station. It’s the four full-service pumps, often worked by Scituate teens, that make Village Gas a busy spot to fuel up in town.

Abid is well aware of the problem of cars waiting in the streets, he said at the July 21 Plan Commission meeting, so he went ahead and bought the abutting lot at 143 Danielson Pike, former home of a dog grooming and daycare center, and presented pre-application plans to demolish the building to create additional pumps and parking spaces.

“That was my reasoning for buying next door is to relieve some pressure on Route 116 and 6. It’s why we are spending the money and going through all this,” Abid said.

Plans include adding two pumps and a total of four fueling spaces in the new lot, and improving traffic flow by adding a new entrance and exit and four parking spaces.

He added that he does not plan to add another fuel tank, and the new pumps will draw off the existing underground source.

Commission members chastised Abid and engineer William Drexel of Northwest Engineering for not having more complete plans. The pre-application hearing did not include a vote and was intended to give developers an idea of what was needed going forward.

Abid said he already does a “tremendous” amount of business, and if the commission does not think the plans are feasible, he will abandon them.

He said the convenience store covers 618 square feet and does not require the 14 parking spaces he proposed, including four at the existing pumps, four at the new pumps, four new spaces for customers, and two on the side for employees.

“That’s why we’re here, to figure out these issues,” Abid said.

The plans are still in progress, said Drexel, who later agreed to merge the two lots to ease zoning restrictions on lot use. When joined, the primary purpose of the new lot will be accessory use with parking.

Board member Nick Piampiano said the plans need more detail, including reworking parking spaces to increase flow.

“The way the plans are presented tonight, I don’t know how it will help your situation at all,” Piampiano said.

Member Gene Allen agreed and requested that developers come back to the commission with the “minimum info” not provided at the outset.

During the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Abid offered free milk to anyone who needed it.

Town Treasurer Ted Przybyla spoke during the Plan Commission meeting to support Abid as both treasurer and a resident. As the treasurer, Przybyla said the plans will increase the economic base in town.

As a resident, he said, he supports Abid’s business for his efforts to help the community.

“I truly hope this moves forward,” Przybyla said.

Scituate Republican Chairwoman Theresa Yeaw said she supports the business’s expansion for many reasons, including beautifying the village and addressing safety issues with a better entrance and exit.


I think it's a great idea. I would love to go there to get my gas but whenever I try there is always a line. I love supporting local businesses!! Good Luck Mr. Abid!!