Lola’s brings a Mexican experience to Smithfield

Lola’s brings a Mexican experience to Smithfield

The new Mexican cantina style restaurant, Lola’s Lounge, 55 Douglas Pike, features an immersive dining experience, according to owner Michael Mota.

SMITHFIELD – The town’s newest restaurant, Lola’s Lounge at 55 Douglas Pike, is an escape from reality, say owners, bringing an immersive Mexican cantina experience featuring authentic food, creative cocktails and live entertainment against a Day of the Dead backdrop.

Inspiration came from owner Michael Mota’s past vacations in Mexico with his wife, Jodi. During a time where COVID-19 crowds the minds of people every day, Mota said the couple wanted to bring Smithfield residents a vacation of sorts.

Mota said that while Lola’s is named after his daughter, he and his wife are planning to open an indoor amusement park and restaurant in Smithfield for their son, Michael.

Mota said the restaurant is “experiential,” giving guests the feeling of being in Mexico. Day of the Dead decor is complete with red chandeliers, red velvet couches, palm trees and a touch of virtual reality.

“It’s very experiential. That’s my specialty. When you come here, it’s an experience,” Mota said.

Outside on the patio is a Mayan temple water fountain surrounded by palm trees.

“When you’re out there on the patio, you feel like you’re in Mexico,” he said.

Mota said when creating Lola’s, he tried to hit every sense: Smelling the food, hearing the waterfalls and Mexican music, tasting authentic cuisine, and seeing Mexican aesthetics.

Then, he went further and brought technology into the mix. Using projectors, Mota said paintings inside the restaurant will change, allowing a virtual reality experience without wearing glasses.

“You’ll see murals doing things that they weren’t doing earlier in the day, and it doesn’t have to do with the tequila,” Mota said.

But, there will be tequila.

Lola’s head chef is from Mexico and teamed up with bar staff to bring a range of cocktails from margaritas to micheladas.

The menu touches all the bases, including a selection of tacos, nachos, paella and more.

The Lincoln residents also own Skyline at Waterplace, an upscale event venue at Waterplace Park in Providence. He said what Skyline lacks in the dine-in restaurant experience, Lola’s will excel in.

As for opening a restaurant amid a pandemic, Mota said Rhode Islanders need a good experience. Considering the great food options available, he said Lola’s stands out.

“People have been stuck at home for months and months and months and are dying to get out. This is an experience between the food, paintings and murals,” he said.

For now, Lola’s live entertainment can’t include dancing, and customers need to remain six feet apart.

Lola’s Lounge’s grand opening is this Friday, Aug. 14, and is accepting reservations at 401-349-4949. Lola’s is open Wednesday from 5 to 9 p.m., Thursday through Saturday, 5 p.m. to 1 a.m., and will be closed Sunday through Tuesday for special functions.

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The restaurant’s namesake, Lola Mota, reclines in one of the restaurant’s red velvet couches.
Lola’s Lounge will feature live music and entertainment on the outdoor patio. Owner Michael Mota said for now, dancing is prohibited to maintain social distancing.