Fifty Marieville families have been helped; more money available

Fifty Marieville families have been helped; more money available

At a previous check presentation to the Marieville Neighborhood Partnership and Moms of Marieville are, from left, Charlene Smith, Missy Sampaio, Ken Amoriggi, Dominick Ruggerio, and Dino Autiello.

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Some $10,000 in Rhode Island Foundation COVID-19 Respond Fund grant funds has helped feed more than 50 families in Marieville who have been impacted by the pandemic, and local advocates say there’s much more money still available.

The Marieville Neighborhood Partnership was awarded a grant of $25,000 from the COVID-19 Response Fund in May for food and supplies to families impacted by the pandemic. That funding from Rhode Island Foundation and the United Way has helped local nonprofits provide food, housing and access to health care for those who are affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Families in need of food items or household goods should contact the Marieville Neighborhood Partnership at or call 401-722-3777. They can also contact Charlene Smith or Missy Sampaio at Moms of Marieville at or 401-255-5156 or 401-580-7541.

In May, Grant Writer Lisa Andoscia secured the $25,000 grant shortly after winning a $100,000 grant from the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management to develop a playground in Marieville.

The Rhode Island Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund is a partnership with the United Way of Rhode Island.

The $25,000 represents far more than the $10,000 the Marieville Neighborhood Partnership typically utilizes in a year.

Those behind the grant had originally said it would help provide about 60 seniors and families with a steady food supply and household goods during the pandemic.