Lincoln will rehabilitate Sherman Avenue culvert

Lincoln will rehabilitate Sherman Avenue culvert

The culvert at Sherman Avenue in Lincoln will be replaced and new guardrails installed as part of a pending project.

LINCOLN – The town is set to rehabilitate a culvert that takes the Moshassuck River under Sherman Avenue, repairing the concrete structure and installing new guardrails on both sides of the road to replace unsightly jersey barriers.

Town Engineer Leslie Quish said the $163,900 base bid from R.P. Iannuccillo will cover the work, which will enhance safety for motorists. The new guardrails will be able to withstand sideswipes.

The bridge is a one-way crossing even without the barriers, said Quish, but this work will effectively widen that lane by removing the concrete barriers, restoring it to its original width.

The town received five bids for the work, with Iannaccillo being the lower bidder. Lincoln has worked with the company before and been very happy with the finished product, said Quish. The cost of the guardrails could go up slightly if the town goes with a rustic power coating on them, she said.

The town had to acquire a permit from the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management for the work, and it must be done by the end of October.

During construction, the bridge will be closed to through-traffic, said Quish, with signage announcing the closure. Three homes exist between the culvert and Route 146, and residents there won’t be able to drive over the culvert down Sherman to get to Great Road, said Quish. Some people who might use Sherman to get on the highway will have to find a different access point, perhaps down past the quarry, she said, so “it is an inconvenience.”

As for paving projects in Lincoln, the town is waiting on the state’s budget before committing to repair work this year, according to officials.