A note of thanks from the Sher-Le-Mon Swim Club Board of Directors

A note of thanks from the Sher-Le-Mon Swim Club Board of Directors

To our members, we asked a lot of you to help us collect the information we needed and also keep the environment within the club safe and virus-free and you did your part.

We navigated carefully and safely through nine-plus weeks.

To our swim team coaches and manager (Carl, Nicole, Marie, Riley and Brett), it was by no means a normal summer swim season but you found creative ways with other teams to have safe competition and also adjusted the typical daily practice routines to safely provide instruction to help the team members improve.

To our staff, Caroline, Olivia, Ryan, Andrew, Catherine, Chelsie, Evan, Jack, Ben, Nick, Matthew, we asked you to do much more than watch over the pool as a lifeguard and you responded whether it was recording arrival and departure of members and guests collecting the important state required information or watching over the deck area for chairs to be cleaned or disinfecting bathroom facilities.

To Frank, our manager, there is no doubt the 2020 season would not have happened without you and your efforts.

Early on when we knew very little of what we may be up against, you were ready to do what it would take to open and operate the pool safely. As information became available you quickly figured out what could be done to comply with state restrictions.

Your pre-opening efforts including staff preparation as well as post-opening day-to-day oversight and adjustments is the reason why the season went as well as it did. You have long been and continue to be the heart and soul of the club.

Thank you all for doing your part and more this summer!

Gerry, Denis, John and Todd