Archambault bucks progressive trend on primary day

Archambault bucks progressive trend on primary day

SMITHFIELD – Early results from primary day showed incumbent District 22 Sen. Stephen Archambault stemming the tide of progressive wins for General Assembly seats.

The race for the District 22 seat representing Smithfield and parts of North Providence and Johnston was not finalized as of press time, with mail ballots still to count, but Archambault led with 60.9 percent of the vote against Melanie DuPont

In Smithfield, more residents used the mail ballot method to cast a vote in the Democratic primary, with 858 people voting by mail. In contrast, 758 voters came to the polls in person.

Early voting, encompassing 154 votes, was set to be finalized Wednesday morning, and the remaining mail ballots are set to be tallied by the end of the day Thursday, Sept. 10.

As of Tuesday night, Archambault earned 692 votes total, with 445 in Smithfield, 235 in North Providence, and 12 in Johnston. DuPont had 452 votes, with 286 in Smithfield, 151 in North Providence, and 15 in Johnston.

Archambault and DuPont earned the same percentage of votes in both Smithfield and North Providence, with Archambault at 60.9 percent and DuPont at 39.1 percent.

DuPont only led at the Johnston polls as of Tuesday night, earning 15 votes to Archambault’s 12.

Archambault’s campaign spokesperson Rob Horowitz said the results are encouraging, but it was still too close to call. Though Archambault is up in the polls, he said DuPont’s numbers are still good.

“We’re encouraged and we think it looks really good. But, we’re going to wait for the final tally,” Archambault said.

There are still enough votes out there to not count it as a win yet, Horowitz said, saying declaring a victory would be premature.

Archambault defeated DuPont in the 2018 primary. Her total was slightly lower in that race, at 37.6 percent of the vote.

DuPont was not conceding the race as of press time and was waiting for final results before making any decisions. She said she looks forward to this week’s final counts.

“I’m really proud of the way our team ran our primary campaign. We have stuck to our values, compassion and courage, and we hope to find out this week what choice voters have made for state senator,” she said.

“Tonight, we celebrate everything we’ve accomplished together.”

If his results hold up, Archambault will face Republican Paul Santucci, former president of the Town Council in Smithfield from 2016 to 2018, and independent Steve Tocco in the Nov. 3 general election.

Nathan Mongeon casts his primary election ballot alone in a nearly empty Smithfield High School gymnasium on Tuesday afternoon. (Breeze photos by Robert Emerson)
Patricia Bose casts her ballot.


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