Scituate Business Association welcomes home new residents

Scituate Business Association welcomes home new residents

Kate Young holding 10-day-old daughter, Leona Ruth Young, and her grandmother, Jeanne Gould, were surprised by the Scituate Business Association with a Welcome Home Basket after moving into town this month. The new family inspired SBA to bring the program to town. Micheline Lombardi, right, brought baby clothes, too, to welcome the new family to Scituate. The program delivered 27 baskets last week to new Scituate residents.

SCITUATE – About 10 new homeowners arrive in Scituate each month, according to Christine Hall of the Scituate Business Association. The group has been welcoming each newcomer with a housewarming basket.

More than 30 Scituate businesses donated items to the Welcome Home Baskets, “which include anything from a gift card to restaurants to handmade soaps.”

Hall said SBA member Micheline Lombardi brought up the idea when she noticed a new mother move into her neighborhood. She and her neighbors thought it would be neighborly to bring over baby clothes and other items to the new resident.

“This is a great little town and a great little village,” Lombardi said.

Lombardi brought the idea up to Hall, who took it and ran with it. Hall reached out to all SBA members and the response came with “great enthusiasm,” she said. Inside her office at Charmed Treasures, Hall organized mountains of donated items to be put into the baskets.

“It’s a win for everyone. It’s a warm welcome from your new town and it also hands them information for our local businesses,” she said.

Hall said each item is thoughtfully selected by area businesses and includes contact information along with a small gift.

“We’re a small-town community. We wanted to give a personal feel to welcoming people in town,” she said.

As of last week, the SBA had delivered 27 baskets to new homeowners in Scituate since a start in July. Hall said Scituate’s town clerks office provides the information and addresses of newly purchased homes, and the SBA delivers baskets with help from the Town Council.

“Every response has been one of slight disbelief. Recipients can’t believe this great gesture of welcome,” Hall said. “It has made new residents feel welcome into their new community and it has made all that contributed to the baskets feel wonderful too.”

Baskets include a packet from Town Hall including information on trash collection, town meetings, tax rates and more.

Welcome Home Baskets include samples, gift cards, informational material from Town Hall, and other goodies donated by local businesses to welcome new residents to Scituate.