New members sought to answer the Lions Club call to serve

New members sought to answer the Lions Club call to serve

These are truly different times; the “new normal” has been set and then set again. I wonder as we enter our 62nd year in Lionism, how we are going to react? I answered myself with a very firm yes, we will continue to push forward.

It has almost been 62 years as of March of 2021 this club has been able to do a lot with your help and the help of our many members who have done many things to maintain the image of community involvement. No, we are not political at all, we are a service organization who lives by its motto of “We Serve.”

Over the years we have done it all from making pasta and pancakes to helping install playgrounds to making sure our students in the K-5 grades get vision screenings and even help some with professional eye exams and even new pairs of glasses. This is our mainstay, but if there is a person or family that is in need we can and will help. We have given hot dogs out at 8 a.m. to hungry fisherman at the fishing derby, and involved ourselves with town events, like Memorial Day, Fall Festival, and Hometown Christmas. We contribute to sports teams and scholarships and well I could continue but I don’t have to convince me, it is you. Not one of our members, or any member of Lions around the world get paid, we are true volunteers who raise money to benefit others. We not only work to help with sight problems, but we help with childhood cancer, diabetes, hunger, the environment and others.

Every year I do this, and it never fails to make me wonder why the response is futile or minimal. I will make the request once again and hope it goes further. The people who are doing this have many years involved and are many years older. We just lost a 94-year-old charter member who was with the club for 61 years, and we have members well into their 70s who have given 30-plus years to make these events happen.

I could continue but I am asking again for new younger members to join or at least ask what is involved. I will give you a very straightforward answer, it involves helping your community and your neighbors. Contact me and we can spend time with a coffee or on the phone, ask a question I can answer you honestly and directly, as I stated “We Serve.”

Please contact me, Tony Catalano, at

Tony Catalano

Blackstone Lions Club