Police investigating Route 146 construction zone crash

Police investigating Route 146 construction zone crash

NORTH SMITHFIELD – North Smithfield Police said on Tuesday they’re investigating how an Oxford, Mass., man was able to travel down a portion of Route 146 that was reserved for construction workers, ultimately leading to his death last Thursday, Sept. 3.

David Campbell, 64, was seriously injured when his vehicle went off Route 146 and landed on Greenville Road below shortly before 1 a.m. Campbell later died in the hospital.

According to Capt. Stephen Riccitelli, the investigation has revealed that Campbell drove down a paved section of road in the construction zone near the Greenville Road bridge. Though the section appears as a lane of travel, he said, the area is reserved for construction workers in the replacement of the bridge.

“To anybody going down it, you would think that it was a split in the roadway,” he said.

Campbell, he said, went to the right of the jersey barriers at the split. At the end of the paved section he encountered a dirt ramp before leaving the highway entirely.

“It just ends, and there’s a small little dirt ramp at the end and there’s no bridge connecting this roadway to the next part of the roadway,” he said.

Riccitelli said the department is trying to determine how Campbell was able to travel down the reserved section of road. The lane split, he said, looks similar to those at construction sites in other parts of the state.

“It’s still ongoing, we’re waiting for some additional info to be provided to us from some other agencies that we reached out to,” he said.