Ruggerio strong on mail ballots, finishing Cioe’s run

Ruggerio strong on mail ballots, finishing Cioe’s run

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Senate District 4 challenger Lenny Cioe was feeling very optimistic after primary election night showed him down to incumbent Senate President Dominick Ruggerio by less than 200 votes, but the mail ballots soon showed that Ruggerio had the support to remain in the seat, serving North Providence and Providence.

Cioe wasn’t saying whether he plans to run again for the seat after finishing with 45.3 percent of the vote overall to Ruggerio’s 54.7 percent.

Ruggerio was strong on mail ballots in North Providence, earning 205 more than Cioe here and easily offsetting the 163-vote edge Cioe had on mail ballots on the Providence side of the district. Overall, Cioe bested Ruggerio in Providence, earning 667 votes, or 61.1 percent, to Ruggerio’s 424 votes, or 38.9 percent.

Ruggerio won by a wide margin in North Providence, earning 61.6 percent of the vote to Cioe’s 38.4 percent.

“Based on the final numbers released by the Rhode Island Board of Elections, it appears that our campaign has come to an end,” Cioe said in a release. “Although our cause was short on votes, it was long in spirit, grit and determination.”

He thanked friends, family and campaign staff for spending countless hours working “on behalf of real change in Rhode Island,” as well as those who donated money to his campaign.

“Finally, to the friends and neighbors of the Fourth Senate District in North Providence and Providence who I met along the canvassing trail, I thank you for this wonderfully inexplicable experience,” he said. “You have renewed my faith in the civic process and the vital role of voter participation.”

Ruggerio released his own statement.

“Every vote has now been counted and I greatly appreciate the support of my constituents and neighbors re-electing me to the Senate,” he said. “We have many challenges ahead of us and I will work as hard as I can with my colleagues in the Senate and with the House and Gov. Raimondo to get Rhode Island moving again. As always, I will continue to rely on input from the residents in my district as we make policy decisions for the betterment of all Rhode Islanders.”