12 Mount students in quarantine after individual tests positive for COVID-19

12 Mount students in quarantine after individual tests positive for COVID-19

WOONSOCKET – Mount Saint Charles Academy President Alan Tenreiro confirmed to The Valley Breeze on Thursday about 12 students have been placed in quarantine after an individual at the school tested positive for COVID-19.

The positive case, he said, was identified last week in a member of the Mount community.

“We do believe it was from an outside activity. As a result, we had just about 12 or so close contacts identified that were ordered to quarantine, and we keep working closely with the Rhode Island Department of Health,” he said.

Since then, two other individuals who participated in the same activity have also tested positive. Tenreiro said those individuals were already under quarantine at the time they tested positive.

Tenreiro said they’ve continued to monitor for symptoms in the individuals identified as close contacts, but believe the spread was limited within the school.

“We’re almost towards the end of that two-week period, and we haven’t seen any other issues in what would be considered those classroom contacts,” he said.

Students have continued with distance learning while in quarantine.

Tenreiro said he believes the school’s precautions and plan for dealing with positive COVID-19 cases helped limit the spread.

“The level of control that we have in the school environment itself is very high, and I think we can feel very safe about that plan,” he said. “Our residence hall plan is also working, and we take precautions there.”

Parents at the school were notified of the positive case last week. Tenreiro said in-person attendance remains high and the school has continued with its hybrid learning model.

Mount Saint Charles students returned to school on Aug. 31, two weeks before the state’s public schools reopened. Because the state had not yet set up school-dedicated testing sites, Tenreiro said those who needed testing were advised to contact their primary care doctor or use Thundermist Health Center in Woonsocket.