Amponsah relieved after recount shows two-vote win

Amponsah relieved after recount shows two-vote win

PAWTUCKET – The final recount numbers from the Board of Elections on Monday determined that Ama Amponsah beat Janie Seguí Rodríguez by two votes, down from the three-vote margin on election night.

Seguí Rodríguez had sought the recount due to the closeness of the results and some irregularities in balloting.

Registrar Ken McGill said Board of Elections personnel found some Pawtucket ballots in the Portsmouth box, likely a result of the boxes being right next to each other.

Seguí Rodríguez picked up four votes in the recount process, while Amponsah picked up three.

The recount found Seguí Rodríguez go from 465 votes to 469 votes, while Amponsah went from 468 votes to 471 votes. Amponsah picked up her three votes on provisional ballots, while Seguí Rodríguez got three back on provisional ballots and one on mail ballot deficiencies.

Seguí Rodríguez has the option of taking the matter to Superior Court, but conceded the race on Monday.

“I am incredibly proud of the campaign we ran,” she posted. “I want to thank everyone who has reached out over the last couple of weeks and everyone who supported our campaign. I am grateful for the experience I gained and deeply appreciative of the trust many of my neighbors have placed in me. It’s truly been my pleasure.”

Residents often don’t see the value in their individual votes, but it’s races like this “that remind us all that every vote matters,” she said. “There is too much at stake in November to sit this one out. Make your voice heard.”

Amponsah said the days since the Sept. 8 primary have been quite an experience.

“What a roller coaster,” she said. “Two votes, which means every vote counts.”

She said she was happy that the votes matched what staff members suspected.

“I’m just grateful that this is all over with,” she said. “All I’ve ever wanted was to serve the people.”

She thanked her supporters for putting their trust and confidence in her and said she looks forward to being the mouthpiece for everyone in District 5, to tirelessly advocate for them whether they voted for her or not.


Yeah, this November mail in voting is going to go great.