Local DAR hosts contest highlighting importance of Constitution

Local DAR hosts contest highlighting importance of Constitution

A town crier read out the Constitution as adopted in 1787 before a gathering of local members of the Daughters of the American Revolution and Children of the American Revolution on Sept. 19. The event was held at the historic Whipple House on Diamond Hill Road and was shared with the public on Facebook Live. DAR members thanked owner Dennis Malloy and Three Bags Full proprietor Roberta Sproul for hosting the event. From left are Audrey Godin, Carolyn Sloat, Town Crier Keith Fairbank, and Mathilde, Molly and Rachel Fairbank.

CUMBERLAND – The Beacon Pole Hill Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution has announced a contest in honor of Constitution Week 2020.

Students in grades K-12 are invited to memorize the Preamble and recite it to the satisfaction of their classroom social studies or American history teacher. All participants will receive a certificate of achievement and be entered into a raffle for a gift certificate to a local ice cream shop. Local businesses have donated gift certificates for the contest.

Laurie McDonough Greaney, recording secretary for the group, said this is the first such contest, created as a replacement to the visits DAR members typically make to schools and libraries. The group also recently held a re-enactment reading of the Constitution by a town crier.

Knowledge of the Constitution and how the country started, with three distinct branches of government, is more important than ever in this election year, she said. DAR is not a political group, but its members support the recent renewed emphasis on civics in schools. The Constitution is the country’s founding document and it’s “very important to remind people what it says,” she said.

McDonough Greaney said Oct. 15 is the deadline because organizers couldn’t expect teachers with everything they had to face going back to school to do the contest during their first week of school during Constitution Week in September.

Participants can email BeaconPoleHillNSDAR@gmail.com for more information.

In 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the congressional resolution into public law designating Sept. 17-23 as an annual commemoration of America’s most important document. For years, the Daughters of the American Revolution has championed this celebration and offered events, contests, and resources to teachers to help the nation, especially young people, learn about, remember, and honor the foundational document of American freedom and prosperity.

Additionally, the group invited all businesses, government offices, and houses of worship with bell towers in Cumberland, Lincoln, North Smithfield, Scituate, Woonsocket, and Burrillville to participate in Bells Across America on Sept. 17 at 4 p.m., when bells rang simultaneously to celebrate the signing of the constitution in 1787.

On Sept. 19, the chapter held its re-enactment with a short reading of the Constitution.

For additional information about DAR and its mission, or to become a member, visit www.dar.org .