Council approves longer hours for Camp Nowhere’s second patio

Council approves longer hours for Camp Nowhere’s second patio

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Camp Nowhere, at 1838 Smith St., now has permission to keep its secondary patio open for another three hours each night, from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.

The Town Council last week approved the extended hours, matching the second patio to the front patio where the longer hours were already allowed.

Though Town Clerk Maryann DeAngelus said no official complaints have been filed related to the establishment, Councilor Ron Baccala said he has received calls. He said allowing the longer hours here could open “Pandora’s Box” to many more requests.

Councilor Steven DiLorenzo said he too has gotten complaints about traffic in the area, though he said it could be related to another bar such as The Duke across the street and he doesn’t want to fully assign blame for such incidents as a motorcycle race. He questioned whether 1 a.m. is too late in a crowded neighborhood.

Owners said they’re trying to maximize every opportunity they can as the weather gets cooler, including applying for the state’s new Take It Outside grants.

The owners said they understand that DiLorenzo doesn’t like them, but he rejected that notion, saying he’s simply concerned about the neighborhood. He added that he remains a “pro-business ally,” having been in business for much of his life. Other council members agreed, saying there’s no one more pro-business than DiLorenzo.

Councilor Mario Martone said he too has concerns about a 1 a.m. end time, but noted that Camp Nowhere has a track record of responsibility with its smaller front patio. He also mentioned that this extension will last until December.

The council ended up granting the request for the right to stay open until 1 a.m. in the expanded area, with a review at a later meeting. If there are no complaints, then that review will be removed from the agenda.