Moreno excited by plans to revitalize schools

Moreno excited by plans to revitalize schools

PAWTUCKET – School Committee member Roberto Moreno says he is excited about plans to revitalize schools throughout the city.

“As chairman of the facilities committee, I am eager to see these plans come to fruition,” he said. “With the redevelopment efforts by the city’s administration and City Council, Pawtucket has become a diverse, cultural, and attractive destination location. This is solidified when a city has good schools.”

Moreno said the community will benefit from pending renovations at Winters, Baldwin, and Shea.

Moreno, who said he toured all 16 Pawtucket public schools with building principals to discuss the academic culture in the district, said upgrades will come to communities who need them.

“Pawtucket teachers, students and parents have come together from unimaginable sacrifices,” he said.

Moreno, 26, is seeking a second term.