At 98, Doris Brais still working to improve Lincoln

At 98, Doris Brais still working to improve Lincoln

Ninety-eight-year-old Doris Brais, of Lincoln, receives a surprise birthday visit from the Lincoln Conservation Commission on her birthday, last Saturday, Oct. 3. With her is her son, John Brais. (Breeze photo by Charles Lawrence)

LINCOLN – At 98 years old, Doris Brais has never lost her sense of duty to her community, say those who know her.

Brais, still an active member of the Lincoln Conservation Commission, received a surprise birthday parade on Oct. 3, with family and friends celebrating the Colonial Drive resident they say never stops giving back.

Conservation Commission Secretary Leslie Alexander, a member since 1996 and who held the balloons as Brais (pronounced Bray) took in the scene, said she has been part of the commission since 2004 and has “always been an advocate for open space.”

The longtime Lincoln resident and mother of seven children is always trying to get to the Financial Town Meeting to seek a boost in money for open space.

“She really understands giving back,” said Alexander, saying Brais frequently volunteers at cleanups, though in more of a supervisory role in recent years.

“She’s just an outstanding, pleasant woman, Alexander said.

Commission members say open space for soccer fields has always been important to Brais, as her own children were involved in sports.

Alexander said he gives a lot of credit to anyone who can live to 98, never mind someone who is still active in their community at that age.