Caisse shares core values and beliefs

Caisse shares core values and beliefs

SMITHFIELD – Democrat Benjamin Caisse, a high school teacher for 17 years, licensed administrator, member of the Smithfield Historic Preservation Commission, school volunteer, and parent of two Smithfield Public School students is running for a seat on the Smithfield School Committee. He notes that he is the only candidate who works in education.

If elected Caisse says he will advocate for the needs of the schools and base decisions on what is best for students.

He will open lines of communication to effectively act as a voice for the community, he said.

Maintaining a physically and emotionally safe environment that focuses on teaching the whole child will be a priority, he said, adding that he will focus on expanding innovative teaching practices that promote authentic learning.

He said he will also support the expansion of AP courses, visual/performing arts as well as programming that promotes cultural awareness and tolerance and career training education programming.