A married couple on the Scituate School Committee?

A married couple on the Scituate School Committee?

Are you aware that if Kevin Pendergast is elected to the Scituate School Committee, both he and his wife will be on the five-person committee? There are two open seats and Mr. Pendergast is running for one of them.

We are not commenting on his qualifications, but rather questioning if a married couple should serve on such an important committee at the same time. Since his wife is currently on the School Committee, isn’t it safe to assume that they would likely share the same opinions on the education of our children? Isn’t a broader range of opinions and perspectives more beneficial in planning the future of the educational programs and budget of the school system?

Again, we are not questioning the candidacy of Mr. Pendergast. The intent of this letter is to simply make sure the voters in Scituate are aware of this unique situation.

Richard and Dorothy Stapleton