Beauregard weighs in on transparency

Beauregard weighs in on transparency

NORTH SMITHFIELD – John Beauregard, candidate for Town Council, weighed in on transparency.

“The word transparency has been used over and over by so many candidates it seems to have lost its meaning,” he said. “When I was on the council, I actually made our local government more transparent. I changed the rules of the council to allow open forum at every council meeting.”

Prior to that, he said, residents only had an opportunity to go before the council once a month.

Beauregard said he allowed everyone to speak despite a rule limiting the forum to 15 minutes.

“I always allowed everyone to be heard even when I knew their position was counter to my own. And I never stopped someone mid-sentence just because their time was up. I will make sure the voices of all residents are heard regardless of their position and regardless if I agree with them or not.”