Local author hopes to send anxiety packing with new book

Local author hopes to send anxiety packing with new book

Local author and Blackstone resident Paula Sullivan said she hopes her new book, “Finally Worry Free,” helps others overcome their fear and anxiety.

BLACKSTONE – A local author is hoping her own experiences overcoming fear and anxiety will help others find their way to a worry-free life.

Paula Sullivan is a local middle school paraprofessional and Blackstone resident who said worry and anxiety have been a part of her life since she was a young girl. In 2016, after selling her manufacturing business, she turned to writing after a friend recommended sharing what she’d learned with others. Her first book, “Simply Being Happy,” focused on ways to create joy in the midst of worry.

“It was my own personal mission to get myself happy,” she said.

Earlier this year, with COVID-19 creating more time at home, she set out to write and publish her second book, “Finally Worry Free.” Sullivan said her latest book centers on the fact that much of the advice out there for people who suffer from anxiety is not helping. Instead, she encourages readers to use simple practices like affirmations and visualizations to clear out negative images from their minds. Her strategies, she said, are taken from years of poring over books and visiting a psychologist to develop her own method to fight anxiety.

“What I hope people get out of the book is that it is possible to replace things like worry, stress and deep-down beliefs that a person isn’t good enough or lucky enough or even normal enough to be really happy,” she said.

Beyond the books, she’s hoping to share her message more widely through speaking events and on her website, www.finallyworryfree.org . Though the timing of COVID-19 was not ideal for connecting with her readers – so far, all of her engagements have been online – she said she’s looking forward to sharing what she’s learned to help others be truly happy.

“I feel like I know too much now, and I can help others,” she said.

“Finally Worry Free” is available for free as an e-book on Sullivan’s website or from amazon.com.