Remillard: We raised our voices in prayer for life

Remillard: We raised our voices in prayer for life

It was my distinct pleasure to participate in the annual Life Chain at St. Joseph Church, Woonsocket, on Sunday, Oct. 4.

It was wonderful to participate with about three dozen other clergy and laity in public prayer for an end to abortion and for the respect for life from conception to natural death. Events such as this were happening in many parishes throughout Rhode Island at the same time. In a culture of death, we were pleased to raise our voices in prayer for life.

And we were not particularly troubled by the lone heckler across the street. Her constant refrain was “Not your body, not your choice.” One of the women in our group remarked how she was effectively summarizing our position on abortion.

For we believe the truth, inconvenient to some, that life begins at the moment of conception. And that the child in the womb is a person, not a mass of “tissue” as some would argue.

Accordingly, the body of that child is sacred. It should not be the mother’s choice to end that baby’s life. Not her body, not her choice.

Deacon Lionel (Bud) Remillard


Remillard is a deacon for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence