Barr promises to lead with integrity

Barr promises to lead with integrity

John Barr, Democratic candidate for Senate District 17, believes that truth matters.

“Time and again my opponent has tried to disown his voting record. He continues to state that he supports pre-existing conditions and children being on their parent’s health insurance until they are 26. This is not true,” Barr said. “On June 14, 2017, Sen. Tom Paolino voted against legislation (S-0831) that would protect pre-existing conditions and children until they turn 26. This falls into a troubling pattern.”

He cited an “official-looking” letter sent to mail ballot applicants that drew official complaints.

“He said it wasn’t his intention to mislead voters, but he did. He was the only politician to violate Lincoln town ordinance on putting political signs up no more than 30 days before the election. He violated this law by 46 days.”

Barr continued, “District 17 residents deserve better. I pledge to serve you with truthfulness, integrity and competency. I will put my extensive government and business experience to work for you.”