Write a letter, bring joy to those in isolation

Write a letter, bring joy to those in isolation

The statewide letter exchange Dear Rhode Island has seen more than 150 letters crossing the state since its launch in June, helping Rhode Island residents feel just a little more connected.

As the holiday season approaches and the end of a very challenging year nears, Dear Rhode Island is partnering with the Pawtucket and Woonsocket Housing Authorities to reach seniors and others who may be facing social isolation, through the joy of letters. The group is hoping to match at least 100 residents at the housing authorities with a volunteer pen pal.

Pen pals interested in participating may sign up at dearRI.com by Nov 16. They will be matched with a pen pal by Nov. 20, and have until Dec. 15 to mail a letter.

Dear Rhode Island is a community-driven project out of What Cheer Writers Club, co-created by member and devoted letter writer Jessica David and staff Jillian Winters, Jodie Vinson and Susannah Morse. The effort is more important at holiday time, say organizers.

Any adult older than 18 living in Rhode Island or southeastern Massachusetts can participate in Dear Rhode Island.

Pen pals will not receive each other’s mailing address. All letters will be delivered to the housing authorities, which will forward the letters along to the intended recipient.