Myers: Goho deserves an apology

Myers: Goho deserves an apology

As a longtime resident of North Providence, I am appalled by the treatment of Superintendent Joseph Goho. When this story first came out in the local paper, I chalked it up to political maneuvering that was done in poor taste. This slight was done at the expense of a school department administrator in our town that is well respected, admired, and irreplaceable. 
 My family and I personally chose to send my daughter to North Providence High School, instead of LaSalle, because of how Mr. Goho personally sold the school to me and my daughter. I told my daughter to give the school a year and if she didn’t feel it was a good experience, then we would transfer. Not only did my daughter love NPHS, but she thrived there. She got into every college she applied to and considers herself an NPHS Cougar for life.

She also is going to graduate a full semester early because of the Early Enrollment and AP course program that Mr. Goho fostered at the High School. 
 There are countless numbers of students with the same story. The community I live in, and love, feels lucky to have Mr. Goho leading our district administration, and to have had him for over 20 years, which is an extreme rarity for administrators.

I know how much Mr. Goho loved the school, students, and community. I know how difficult the decision must have been for him to leave his position to take on the role of superintendent. I cannot blame him for wanting the ability to finish his career and stay in North Providence and possibly go back to the school he has loved for over 20 years, and why would the town want to lose him? 
 He has acted as superintendent and assistant superintendent in the past, to help the town out when it was in transition, with the caveat of being able to go back to the high school. He is dedicated to our town, in a business where good administrators act as free agents.

He could go anywhere and follow the money if he wanted to. Instead, he took a mid-level contract, fiscally, with the one stipulation that he be able to go back to the school he revolutionized, and to stay with us. Why are we calling the School Committee and Mr. Goho out for wanting to remain in North Providence where he has served the public for over 20 years?

With all due respect to the mayor, who I think has been great for our town, I think this is an extremely disrespectful display of disloyalty to someone who has been very loyal to this town. All while the man is successfully guiding a district through a pandemic. The education of the town’s children has the deepest effect on the future prosperity of that town. We have a leader who no one disagrees with is a huge asset to the town.

Mr. Goho deserves an apology. I hope for our sake that this treatment does not cause him to go elsewhere. Good administrators are a rarity, and there will never be one like Mr. Goho in North Providence for a long time, if ever.

Christina Myers

North Providence