R.I. Real Estate Services opens office in North Providence

R.I. Real Estate Services opens office in North Providence

Yolanda Nazario is ready to welcome clients at the new Rhode Island Real Estate Services office on Mineral Spring Avenue. (Breeze photo by Ethan Shorey)

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Rhode Island Real Estate Services has opened its seventh office in Rhode Island, located at 1528 Mineral Spring Ave.

This is the furthest north that the company has ventured with its offices, and the move is meant to target the northern portion of the state, said company representatives.

Team Leader Yolanda Nazario told The North Providence Breeze that the company has a strong presence in points south, but is ready to make inroads north of Providence.

She said this is a dedicated group ready to support and educate the public on all aspects of selling a home, including running classes on how to sell and buy.

What they often find, she said, is people who want to jump into this hot real estate market but have no idea how to get their home sold.

Many don’t realize simple steps, such as the fact that they should address any credit issues first or get pre-qualified to buy, she said.

R.I. Real Estate Services prides itself on being professional and educated on all aspects of real estate, she said, working with all parties, including attorneys, appraisers and inspectors, from the start of the process to its completion.

Part of the motivation in locating the newest office here was how busy it is and how easy it is for agents and clients to access from Route 146, said Nazario. The hope is that it’s an inviting place where people feel welcome.

Owner Greg Dantas has more than 20 years of experience in the business, she noted.

Spanish-speaking Rhode Islanders are playing a huge and ever-growing role in the current real estate market, she said, and R.I. Real Estate Services has Spanish-speaking staff to help them.

The housing market really picked up in late summer, she said, and buyers have been “willing and aggressive” in this seller’s market since then. That said, there are still good deals to be found, she added. Nazario said she doesn’t expect a downturn in the real estate market anytime in the near future.

For more on the company’s offerings, visit www.401sold.com or call 401-885-5400 or 401-480-3668.

There are no set hours, and Nazario said staff will work with clients to meet their needs on timing of appointments.